UNIVE’s AOC(Active Optical Cable) has been applied in many areas. Our flexible/thin POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) and detachable solution enables users to install very easily and conveniently.

The A/V system at the Airport has to be very reliable and durable. Our cables are used in various places at the Airport such as the Ticketing Center, Counter-Terrorism Center, Duty-Free Shops and the Office Building.

Broadcasting  equipment has to be high quality because they handle high-resolution content. They do their best not to lose any data in data processing in order to deliver the high-resolution content as it is to viewers. This is why cables which connect source device to display is important. Our AOCs have been installed at main broadcasting stations in Korea and overseas.

A/V Data at medical industry has to be highly exquisite and accurate since it is related to human life. Therefore, delivering high-definition content and long distance data transmission are necessary. Our AOC is the best solution for medical industry because it transmits long distance without any loss. Our small head AOCs could be good solution for the environment where the cable should go through narrow or curved space such as medical display system, etc.

There are a lot of need for long distance solution in factories due to space limitation. Also, it is highly important to monitor the sites at office for productivity or quality monitoring. Reliable AV data transmission is highly important so UNIVE’s cable is being used in factories in these situations.

Our AOCs are used in various meeting /conference rooms and auditoriums in many companies and schools. UNIVE’s AOCs have been installed at over 1,000 lecture rooms in the US where IT investment for Education is most advanced.

UNIVE’s cable is the best choice for the people who pursue the best quality content at comfortable environment. UNIVE’s cable is actively being used in various home cinema installation in U.S., Japan and Europe.